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we are always trying to further optimize our products, also in terms of presentation and design. With this in mind, we are currently renewing all labels.

For this reason, there may be deviations in the design of the offers presented online and the products shipped.

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Dear customers,

the development of the corona infection was predictable and we are still facing difficult times today. We have taken care of this time and have maximized production over the past few weeks so that we can continue to supply you safely and reliably.

We work in compliance with the strictest hygiene measures to ensure the quality of our work without interruption.

Despite the precautions taken, circumstances beyond our control can cause the delivery process to be delayed. We therefore ask for your understanding and foresighted orders.

We wish you health and strength to endure these times.

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Welcome to our online shop - Original Food Supplements.

We develop nutritional supplements to the highest standards and produce them exclusively in Germany.

Our products do not contain any dyes or other additives (according to the law) and are manufactured without genetically modified substances.

We offer favorable delivery terms for our customers. From a value of € 25.00 on we ship free of charge within Germany. *

If you have any questions about the preparations, please contact us.

Our products are available here in the shop and on order in any pharmacy in Germany.
The PZN (central pharmaceutical number) can be found in the product description next to the article number.

In addition to our own products, we also offer high-quality preparations from other manufacturers, e.g. Douglas Laboratories Europe and Orthica.

We would be happy to send our newsletter to you with current information, special offers or the presentation of new products from our company.

Nemo-sina offers these advantages for our own products:

  •     high quality nutritional supplements
  •     exclusively from own production in Germany
  •     no use of questionable additives
  •     Fast and free shipping from an order value of 25 Euro * (in GErmany)

We would like to briefly introduce some of our effective and well-tolerated nutritional supplements to you. You can find detailed information on our product pages.
Shipping of nutritional supplements: Buy valuable nutritional supplements online

With our website, we offer you the opportunity to buy selected supplements online. We attach great importance to the quality and compatibility of our products.

For example, you can naturally detoxify your body with various preparations.

With various preparations, including zinc and acerola, your immune system can of course be supported.

The often essential omega-3 fatty acids are important for nutritional supplements - for example, in addition to the more classic capsule form omega 3, you can also order liquid from us. The supply of these fatty acids is all the more crucial since they are not produced by the body itself and therefore have to be ingested through food.

Nervonic acid is a vegetable omega-9 fatty acid. Our body can make these itself if necessary - however, under certain conditions a deficiency can occur.

From omega-3 fatty acids to broccoli seed powder, ginseng, zinc supplements,  vitamins and e.g. acetyl-L-carnitine, nemo-sina offers effective and well-tolerated food supplements. The shipping is not only practical for you, but also inexpensive: from a value of 25 euros the delivery is free for our private customers within Germany. If you have any questions about our preparations, please contact us - we are always there for you!


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*) Detailed shipping costs for private customers and resellers can be found here

Immunosina, 60 cps.
Old price 25.00 €
8.90 / Can(s) * (100 g = 33.58 €)
You save 16.10 €
Immunosina, 90 cps.
Old price 34.50 €
17.50 / Can(s) * (100 g = 43.86 €)
You save 17.00 €
nervonic acid, 120 capsules
79.50 / Can(s) * (100 g = 209.21 €)
Multivitamin, 120 cps.
25.00 / Can(s) * (100 g = 43.48 €)
Zinc 15 mg & Acerola + C, 120 cps.
Old price 22.00 €
14.00 / Can(s) * (100 g = 18.52 €)
You save 8.00 €
Vitamin D3+, 120 cps.
Old price 14.00 €
12.50 / Can(s) * (100 g = 19.23 €)
You save 1.50 €
Vitamin C, 150 cps.
9.00 / Can(s) * (100 g = 8.65 €)
Sinaflor 120 cps.
Old price 40.00 €
27.00 / Can(s) * (100 g = 34.79 €)
You save 13.00 €
Sinaflor Pulver + Inulin, 90 gr.
Old price 37.00 €
26.50 / Can(s) * (100 g = 29.44 €)
You save 10.50 €
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